29 September 2023 // UNlimited Festival

On September 29th, 2023, a Co-creation session was held at the Universiteiten van Nederland UNlimited Festival in Den Bosch, Netherlands, focusing on the critical theme: “Open Innovation Ecosystems: The role of ERA Hubs for collaborative regional innovation.” Represented by Marcel Bogers and Ntorina Antoni (Eindhoven University of Technology) and Rick Eurlings (Brainport Development), the COOPERATE consortium took part in this enlightening discussion.
🚀 Session Topic: “This workshop centered on achieving the objective of fostering collaborative innovation through the establishment of ecosystems. The core focus was to validate the fundamental components of an #ERA Hub Framework, a policy initiative fostering knowledge production within the European Research Area across regions. Drawing from the insights and experiences of our engaged participants, we aimed to refine this framework. By fostering collaboration, we sought to understand how regional #ecosystems can facilitate open innovation and enrich our comprehension of robust research and innovation environments at the regional level.”

6 May 2023 // Second General Assembly

After having had the kick-off in Brainport Eindhoven earlier this year, it was great having everyone in the same room again. We’re looking back at a very interesting and fruitful (and sunny 🌞) second General Assembly of COOPERATE at DTU Skylab and Science City Lyngby. We discussed the process towards an initial ERA hub framework, the playbook, toolbox, and platform, and the challenges, strategies & expected outcomes for the project.

16 March 2023 // COOPERATE in Danish newspaper!

In the Sjællandske Medier Nyheder an interview was published with Marianna Lubanski, director of Science City Lyngby. The article elaborates on the project, which is selected as leading example if you want to build local partnerships between municipalities, educational institutions and companies. According to Marianna, “In Denmark and the Netherlands, we are well advanced in our efforts to initiate local partnerships, while in many other places in Europe, such transversal partnerships have not yet been established”.

Read the article here:

23 January 2023 // Kick-off in Eindhoven

This meeting kicked off the activities of the project “COOrdinating and Piloting actions towards ERA-hubs as in Ter- and intra- regional Ecosystems for knowledge production (COOPERATE)”, launched in January 2023 and funded by the European Commission.

The project, led by the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), aims to develop and pilot the ERA Hub concept based on the vision and success stories developed within the EuroTech Universities Alliance and their R&I ecosystems. The overall approach revolves around co-creation arenas in which ecosystems and a broader community of quadruple helix actors can interact. The piloting phases of the project’s implementation are expected to test the approach and pave the way for its consolidation and replication phase.

This two-day event was co-organized by the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Brainport Development, who were joined by STAM SRL, IDEA Consult, Technical University of Denmark, Science City Lyngby, and Czech Technical University in Prague. All seven COOPERATE partners had the opportunity to share the aims and objectives of the COOPERATE project towards the development and testing of ERA hubs in Europe. Needs, expectations and next steps were discussed both days at TU/e campus and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.