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30-31 January 2024 // COOPERATE 3rd General Assembly in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

30th and 31st of January, we hosted the general assembly for the COOPERATE project at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. The project, in collaboration with Brainport Development, DTU – Technical University of Denmark, Science City Lyngby, Czech Technical University in Prague, IDEA Consult, and STAM S.r.l., focuses on ecosystem development.

We are looking back at a really interesting and valuable third General Assembly. We discussed all processes regarding the Playbook and Toolbox, Pilot and Call for Champion and Policy towards the ERA hubs.

Rector Magnificus of TU/e, Silvia Lenaerts, delivered an opening speech highlighting the importance of open innovation. Maarten Steinbuch also inspired attendees with the Eindhoven Engine story, promoting the concept of the next-generation university.

16 November 2023 // COOPERATE at EuroTech Innovation Day, Lyngby, Denmark

Recap of the Eurotech Innovation Day in Lyngby on November 16th, 2023.

Facilitated by DTU and TU/e with the support of Science City Lyngby, and contributions from the EuroTech Universities Alliance and EuroTeQ Engineering University partners.

Two Dynamic Co-Creation Workshops:

“Testing the COOPERATE Playbook and 7 Lines of Action” Experts tested the COOPERATE playbook, emphasizing the importance of the seven lines of action: Research, Talent, Knowledge Transfer, Funding, Collaboration, Innovation, Governance.

“ERA Hubs as Place-Based Ecosystems” Participants engaged in vibrant discussions, sharing perspectives from industry and academia, focusing on actionable strategies for fostering effective regional ecosystems.

A big thank you to all Eurotech participants for contributing to the success of these insightful workshops at the Eurotech Innovation Day at DTU!

10 November 2023 // COOPERATE at WOIC, Bilbao, Spain

Recap of two exciting COOPERATE events at the World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC) in Bilbao, Spain on November 9-10, 2023. Open Innovation and Policy: Brainport Eindhoven & Basque Country (Biscay Region).

Speakers: Iñaki Alonso, Treasure Director, Biscay Government, and Wim De Kinderen, Programme Director European Affairs, Brainport Development.

The session unveiled the success stories of Brainport and the Biscay region, showcasing how effective open innovation policies can catalyze technological advancement and economic growth.

Co-Creation Workshop: “Governance of Place-Based Innovation Ecosystems: ERA Hubs”

Moderators: Ntorina Antoni and Marcel Bogers.

Experts: Henry Chesbrough and Wim De Kinderen.

The workshop explored the governance of place-based innovation ecosystems, bringing together diverse perspectives from industry and academia. Discussions centered around the building blocks for well-functioning regional ecosystems, including ERA Hubs, with insights and successful examples from Europe, India, and Africa.

UNLimited 2023

28-29 September, Den Bosch, Netherlands

UNLimited is an annual gathering about transcending bounderies for everyone who works at, with and for universities. Universities will show how they work continuously towards better education, excellent research and an even bigger impact on their region. On Friday, September 29th, representatives from TU/e and Brainport, Prof. Marcel Bogers, Dr. Ntorina Antoni, and Rick Eurlings, will be delivering a lecture on Open Innovation Ecosystems: The role of ERA Hubs for knowledge production.

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European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek)

October 9th – 12th, Brussels, Belgium

The European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek) is the biggest annual Brussels-based event dedicated to cohesion policy. It has grown to become a neutral platform to discuss common challenges for Europe’s regions and cities by bringing together a diverse community of speakers and participants. In 2022 reached a record number of almost 20.000 participants, 272 sessions, and 528 partners. This year one of the six topics of focus for the event will be: “Breaking barriers to cross-border cooperation”.

‘Universities as Drivers of Innovation in European Regional Ecosystems’

11 October, Brussels, Belgium

During the European Week of Regions and Cities is the session ‘Universities as Drivers of Innovation in European Regional Ecosystems‘ one to take in particular in mind. This session explores the role of universities as drivers of change in European Innovation Ecosystems, with a particular focus on mid-size regional and urban areas. By adopting a multi-disciplinary, challenge-based, educational approach and a multiple helix model of innovation, universities can contribute to the development of a polycentric and networked model of innovation, connecting urban and rural areas and helping municipalities to adopt innovative solutions.

Word Open Innovation Conference 2023

November 9th – 10th, Bilbao, Spain

The World Open Innovation Conference provides the opportunity to discuss ERA Hubs with experts in the field of Open Innovation. COOPERATE will give a co-creation workshop addressing the role of governance in ERA Hubs and place-based innovation ecosystems.